Welcome to Dis/Integration, an Edmonton Pipeline tracking the demise of the Charles Camsell Hospital.

The Camsell, as it is is known locally, is a semiotically rich site. Originally opened as a tuberculosis hospital in 1946 by what was then called the Department of Indian and Eskimo Affairs, “The Charles Camsell Indian Hospital” served as a treatment facility for First Nations Peoples until the late 1960s, when tuberculosis infection rates became too low to sustain an entire facility. It became became a general treatment hospital in the 1970s, and was transfered to provincial jurisdiction in 1980. The hospital was closed in 1996 and now stands as an iconic ruin, simultaneously a crumbling remnant of both 20th century government policy regarding First Nations peoples, and the attenuation of Canada‚Äôs state-funded health care system.

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